What is a Montessori preschool?

Active Learning

Montessori realised that children are active learners, building their personalities and brains by touching, hearing, seeing, tasting etc.

She developed beautifully crafted wooden and sensory toys to help

each child develop and refine their senses to be better able to filter the rich, stimulating world around them as they mature.

Montessori activities are hands-on, made of "real" materials like glass and ceramic, and child sized. Many are also self correcting so that the child can work it out by themselves, boosting

their self-esteem, problem solving skills and removing independence on the adult.

Montessori children are confident, independent and motivated learners.

Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori opened the first Montessori school in the slums of Rome over 100 years ago. Her teaching methods have inspired generations of

nursery teachers and the Montessori movement is now well established

around the world.

Unique Journeys

We recognise that the child develops along a unique path. As teachers we

observe the child, we plan for their next steps and we take care to understand their likes, dislikes, preferences and what fires their imagination.

We never interrupt and we never hurry the child. Every day is different and every day is special.

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