The Preschool

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Step inside

Calm spaces for children to explore. Carefully chosen toys invite your child to develop and learn. Natural light and access to the outdoors.

Child led

Following children's interests. Encouraging independence and choices. Building relationships and confidence.


Delivering the EYFS through the Montessori philosophy. Modelling positive behaviour and respect for everyone.

The Environment

“The environment must be rich in motives which lend interest to activity and invite the child to conduct his own experiences.”

Dr. Maria Montessori

Our spaces are special because everything is designed with the child in mind, From child sized furniture to easily accessible shelving, open access to the outdoors and beautiful objects, children are free to choose their learning path.

Small numbers

A small class size allows staff to listen carefully and focus on the children. This also keeps the spaces calm.

Highly qualified staff

We value skills, knowledge and life experience, and our staff provide high quality care and education.

Strong ethos

We are members of the Montessori Schools Association. The Montessori approach emphasises freedom of choice and respect for the child.


We respect each child's individuality and we understand that each child’s early years journey is different. If your child needs extra support, we work with local professionals in health, social care and education.

Connecting with families

Communication is very important. Working closely with our families ensures that children in our care can flourish and that parents feel part of our team around your child.

Community minded

We are outward looking: we go out into the community and welcome the community into our learning space. This allows children to contribute and to feel connected to their community.

Gentle Footprints

Earth Friendly

We try to use only natural materials which produce a minimal impact on the planet. We aim to be a zero waste preschool, encouraging recycling and low plastic use. Cleaning products are plant based and skin friendly. Soft flannels for hand washing instead of paper towels. Plastic free wipes and biodegradable nappy sacks.

Outdoor Learning

The big field and woodland offer a dynamic classroom. Opening all the child's senses: absorbing the sounds, textures and smells of all weathers and seasons. Mastering names and habits of trees, plants and animals. Making connections between the smallest creature, the child and the ancient Dartmoor landscape they inherit. 

Peace Education

"Establishing lasting peace is the work of education" Montessori.

Learning to label big emotions, practising listening and speaking to each other, observing body language and facial expressions: in these ways everybody is offered respect and kindness in our friendly preschool.

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