Little Children's House

We are opening a second location on the first quarter of 2024 and we are welcoming waitlists! 

Who we are

Learn about our DNA, approach, why families choose us, and meet team behind Little Children’s House


Our client is the FAMILY. Our goal is a COMMUNITY.

A community where the little ones discover the love for learning and discovery. A haven where their dignity is respected.

And they know their little hands create wonderful things and are touching other people’s lives.

We strive to provide hope and a safe environment to overworked anxious parents navigating the jungle called Parenting.

We are there for them, to embrace their stories, journeying alongside them. We seek to be the village, THEIR village, that supports them to raising their kids “in the way they should go” Proverbs 22:6.

It is a community where the caregivers and teachers are “fully alive” as they live out their God given gifts in guiding the young minds to be all that they can be.

Mentors who inspire them to dream big and reach for the stars!

Teaching Principle

Montessori-Inspired approach

Through our Montessori-inspired approach, we seek to develop children’s independence and a life-long love for learning. Our carefully prepared and safe environment allows children to move within freedom with limits to explore and learn through their senses.

We believe that they learn best when they follow their interests, and given appropriate stimuli to begin the learning process. Learning becomes fun and organic.

Then the magic begins!

Meet Our Team​

Offering infant care, toddler care, and pre-school for busy families in LA since 2018

valerie, lead teacher


Valerie Chuaquico Serrano is the Lead Teacher of the Little Children’s House. Her little ones, Justice and Healing, were her motivation to start her own inhome preschool.

Valerie holds a Certificate in Child Development and is a preschool teacher in a local Montessori school. She has a bachelor’s degree in International Studies from De La Salle University.

She mentored young women as a Christian campus missionary in the past. Now that she has children of her own, she invests her passion and energy in influencing “the influencers of the future”. She runs the Little Children’s House together with her husband Marwin.

marwin, little children's house administrator


Marwin Serrano is the Administrator of Little Children’s House. Like Ms. Valerie, he once mentored young men as a Christian missionary. He was awarded as one of the Ten Outstanding Boy Scouts of the Philippines in 2006.

His passion lies on providing support and community to young parents navigating the jungle called life.


Miss Viviana is the Lead Teacher of Children’s House LA Preschool Program.

She graduated Cum Laude in California State University Northridge with the degree Child and Adolescent Development,  Minor in Psychology.

She has been heavily involved in her church’s annual summer camps, and has been a Camp Counselor three years and counting. She finished her internship at the Child Development Institute in 2022.

She is on her way to getting her Masters degree on Speech and Language Pathology.

Stories of Families We Served

Joyce A.
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This program created a good educational and social foundation for both my children that attended. The children range from 18 months-6 years of age. It was a great experience for my kids to learn, become leaders, and bond with friends within a small circle. We are grateful to teachers Valerie, Marwin, Ms Viviana and Senora for all the care that was provided to our kids. I know they always have a waitlist. If you are considering this school for your child in the future, I would put their name in now!
Nataliya Y.
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We have been very lucky to find this school in the middle of school year. Valerie and Marwin were sweet to offer us flexible schedule for hen we were first and briller until gradually we transferred to full week. All the teachers are sweet, caring and knowledgeable. Even though my son hardly spoke English when we first joined, he always liked his school and was happy to be there. I appreciate the freedom to create and be kids, while also learning to take on responsibilities and help others. And most of all - the kids are truly loved there
Supaveen S.
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We're so sad having to leave Children's House LA due to our relocation to another state. CHLA is more than just a daycare for our son. It's his second home where he goes to see and socialize with friends, and learns from his teachers and grows mentally and physically. Mr. Marvin, Mrs Val and Mrs. Viviana have always taking a good care of our son. They are gentle and kind but also firm in disciplining! (Which I like). My son likes to tell me "I have good day at school". That's always a good sign. I love that they use Montessori approach to educate and take care of children. I can feel that everything they do, they do it from their heart. They took care of our son just like their own. Our son has learned so much, and became very independent and confident. This is a place to foster children self-esteem, because they encourage children to pick and work on activities they are interested in. When I dropped my son off and off to my work, I have no worries because I knew he is in good care. There're way too many times, my work got too busy I got off work late and pick him up late also. But never once, Marvin and Val has ever complained, only supports and kindness.
Cherylle M.
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Children's House of LA is not only a day care but a day care with a purpose . Children here are safe to learn, explore and discover new things. I've never been in a Montessori driven day care environment but I do sense that these children here are smarter, not afraid to communicate or express themselves, and not afraid to adapt to new things! thank you Mr. Marwin and Val for taking this noble work for this children! I can't wait to see this expand!!
Bunny U.
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Highly recommended! Choosing this Montessori style setting over the others is one of our best decisions for our child. Val and Marwin are heaven sent, this is our toddler's first time to be away from home and she's having a blast there while learning! We love that they update us photos of the day's activities via Brightwheel app and they respond fast whenever we communicate with them. We love that this Montessori style setting helps foster higher levels of self-discipline, independence, critical reasoning and problem solving in our child's life. We want our child to enjoy scholarly tasks that's why we opted for Montessori style. More so, they provide healthy meals for our little one! With Val and Marwin, we are at peace knowing our child is in a safe, loving and compassionate hands. What truly sets Montessori apart from other options is that it helps set up our little one for success beyond life and school!
Raye R.
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Best school ever! My daughter loves it here! She's learning so much and the teachers are amazing!
Amy P.
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Both our children are so happy here! I couldn't say enough good things about Valerie and Marwin. They treat all of the kids like family here. Our oldest is going to kindergarten in the fall and he is more than ready. He has learned how to write his name and count to 100. We highly recommend this daycare
Sandi H.
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Incredible space for my daughter to learn and grow. Everything Ms Valerie and Mr Martin do is intentional. I am confident in my daughters safety, well being and education when she is there. They provide healthy and inclusive food. They are so sweet and caring. They are also very communicative not only to my daughter but to my husband and I. I know my daughter has a blast there, we are so lucky we found this perfect Montessori School!
Chaunce D.
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Being a first time mom, I was adamant about finding a daycare that was safe, loving, and educational for my son. I enrolled my son into children's house LA during the pandemic to help me navigate going back to work. Ms. Valerie, Mr Marwin and the other teachers at the daycare are passionate about making the daycare feel like a family. They send me pictures everyday of my sons interactions in daycare, give me updates on his progress and even have given me helpful tips and tricks to engage in at home that correlate with what he is learning at daycare. They host little events like parents date night where they will watch your child for extended couple hours so you can have some grown up time, they host lil holiday events for the families and children to interact and encourage parent participation. I love the Montessori approach to the daycare and have seen my sons life skills and language skills go beyond his expected developmental milestones. I am forever grateful for their establishment and consider them to be like family. I am glad with the choice I made for my son to attend this daycare and recommend people to check them out!
Nancy E.
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Children's House is great! My daughter has been at this daycare for over 2 years and she has developed so much there. I like their focus on learning to do things independently. Their activities are great for developing focus and problem solving skills while learning. The kids learn great life skills there like cleaning up after themselves and helping in the kitchen. On top of that, I know that Valerie and Marwin genuinely enjoy spending time with kids. My second daughter is going there now too.
Evett W.
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I checked out a few different child care providers before making the decision to enroll my daughter at Children's House LA and I am very pleased with my decision. I appreciate the structure, compassion Val and Marwin have for the students as well the healthy meals they provide. Being in LA with no family and leaving my daughters well-being in the care of someone else was a very scary feeling but I feel 100 percent comfortable knowing my daughter is in good hands. I am currently searching for a new place to live but I will not move too far from where I currently live because I do not want to find my daughter a new school. This is how happy I am with Val and Marwin!!!
Elizabeth C.
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I highly recommend Children's House LA! Val And Marwin are so patient and loving towards out little one and to our family as a whole. I was so hesitant to leave my toddler in the care of someone else but I had to finish school and needed to find a place that I felt 100% comfortable leaving my child in. I love that I can message Val whenever I have questions or concerns. She always responds very quickly. The Montessori approach here is so authentic which I really cared about as well, coming from a Montessori style home. I'm also really grateful that both Val and Marwin supported our potty training transition and enforced what we were doing at home. They really work well with each family's needs and preferences. I really love that we have an app where we can see daily photo, nap and meal updates.
Jorgelynne A.
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I only have great words for this daycare and it will be such a shame if I do not put this out for the world to read. I work from home and due to schools closing down, we decided to enroll our 5 year old (now 6) in Children's House. My daughter enjoys every bit of second at daycare. As a parent who is concerned with safety especially in this COVID era, Children's House is on top of its game, clean and safe always. Ms. Val and Mr. Marwin are meticulous and always updates us through the app. I also love it that this place is Montessori inspired. Everything my daughter does is rewarding for her and big thanks to the ever amazing directress Ms. Val! For the price that I pay + montessori inspired daycare + safety+ the every caring guidance and watch of Ms. Val and Mr. Marwin it's the best recipe ever!! Enrolling my kid to this daycare is one of the best decision we made as a family.
Patricia C.
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Wonderful guidance by these two - Teacher Val and Marwin. They have demonstrated nothing less than excellence in preparing my child to transition from toddler to a grown up little boy soon. Hands on approach with application of Montessori principles have helped my son learn how to socialize, learn new concepts/ideas, communicate, and much more! Happy I brought him here since age 2. I believe this couple is very genuine, dedicated and deliberate in their teaching approach. I also appreciate the app on my phone to see daily updates of my child and what he is doing throughout the day!
Yoorie L.
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Our little girl has been with Children's House since she was a little over 2 years old, and my husband and I can't stress enough how glad we've been to enroll her. We have experiences with both Montessori and non-Montessori settings, and the top 3 things we love about Children's House are (1) Val and Marwin's consistent and constant application of Montessori principles (educating parents in the process), (2) their tailored and specific updates throughout the day, every day and (3) their dedication to maintaining an intimate, nurturing and small-group environment. Especially at our daughter's young age, number (3) has been such a contributor to her growth, confidence and ability to socialize with others (even though we were among parents who were initially skeptical of smaller schools/daycares). And probably largely because of the smaller number of children, Val and Marwin are always able to home-cook a wide range of creative and healthy breakfasts, lunches and snacks. Children even help in the meal-preparation process. Val and Marwin literally provide everything. We feel 100% safe with them, and they always preemptively identify and address possible concerns, especially during this pandemic period. We feel lucky to have found Val and Marwin, and know they're preparing our daughter above and beyond for the future as she continues to grow at Children's House.
Janette J.
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Our daughter has been with Children's House LA since she was four months old. They have always been attentive to her needs and always keep me updated on her diaper changes and what she eats while she is there. Marwin and Valerie treats her like she's a part of their family and that's what makes them a fantastic daycare. I can't say enough kind words about them.
Yaquelin A.
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Wonderful environment, hands on experience for our kids! Fist class service with dedicated professionals. Feels like family. My daughter Elizabeth loves them! They provide great care but also a piece of mind to working parents. They can personalize the rate income base, before you think you can't afford talk to them. Val and Marwin are excellent human beings
Michelle S.
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I have taken my son to two other daycares in the area prior to having found this little gem in Granada Hills,he bonded right away with everyone! Believe me we are very picky when it comes to child care and had some bad experiences in the is so hard to find a good place with good people who loves what they do. TheyChildren's house is a godsend to us! Val and Marwin treats my son like their own and so we have peace of mind leaving him here when we are at work. They are communicative and go the extra mile taking care of our son (would even give him a bath and get him ready for bedtime if we had to pick him late at times). Pick up and drop off is a breeze..They are easy to talk to and accomodates our schedule even with some late night pickups. We are lucky to have found a good day care in the valley!
Camille C.
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The best childcare in the business. They will take care of your kids at the most affordable rate. Val is on top of her game and makes sure the place is clean, safe, and child-friendly. Her approach is top notched. Highly recommended!
Janeen R.
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Great couple who takes care and empowers the kids. Children learn not only to play, but serve and help in the context of playing.
Marvi D.
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Great job, Marwin and Val Serrano! My grandchildren are doing well under your care. They learn to be more responsible as they grow up. Young as they may be, but they seem to be more matured than other children of their age. Good job, may you be able to share this Montessori way of rearing children to other parents thru your Montessori House. Good growing up environment for the kids and peace of mind to the parents! God bless you more! Five stars!! I will recommend your place to my friends!